Insulate Your Old Conservatory  
Conservatory to Hot in Summer or to Cold  in the Winter

A Garden Lounge is the Answer
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Old Conservatory to Garden Lounge

When your conservatory being too hot OR too cold, is no longer an option for you.



The existing conservatory is firstly washed down with anti mould spray.


Garden Lounge

The SuperFOIL Insulation (SF19+) gives an outstanding Thermal Barrier to keep the Garden Lounge lovely and cool in Summer.

It's a game changer in the Winter where the Thermal Resistance keeps your heat inside and circulation. It's so effective, if I hadn't experienced it, I wouldn't believe it.

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Superfoil Insulation & Battens

The Superfoil Insulation (SF19+) and Battens are installed before the final fix


Garden Lounge

This is exactly how we give our old conservatories that are too hot or too cold a new lease of life. Turn them into an all year round Garden Room.